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Andrea Mills-Gas, who is the daughter of John W Mills, lives and works in Switzerland. She has lived in France and Switzerland with her chef husband Didier Gas and their children Estelle and Etienne for more than 26 years. This selection of paintings by Andrea includes recent work and is being shown for the first time in the UK at the invitation of her father who wished to include her work to compliment family images that appear in his retrospective exhibition in Harlow, Essex UK.
Although Andrea was brought up in a fine art environment, encountering artists of many disciplines, she only became a painter after her children had grown and become independent.
For some years Andrea has been battling against cancer and finds that her painting enables her to fight off temporarily the pain of the illness as she concentrates on the work. Although recently her imagery has been closely related to her state of mind and her fight to beat the illness, they are not attempts to illustrate her condition. Her subject matter is based on her daily encounters with everyday finds of beautiful objects; their colour and texture provide her starting point. She has an innate sense of colour and style as is evident in these small paintings, a format that makes it possible for her to take each piece to a reasonably early conclusion.